Apple unveils programme to trade in third party chargers

Apple investigates case of an iPhone electrocution

After news of two separate incidents of electrocutions by iPhone chargers, apple has today unveiled its plans to replace all third party chargers for a sum of $10.

The programme will begin on August the 16th and will run until October in the aim to eradicate the safety issues that Apple users have been experiencing.

Buying an official iPhone charger costs around £15 in the UK, so the reduced trade-in cost of $10 (£6.50) is worth taking advantage of.

Apple has also stepped up its safety guidelines on its Chinese website by offering tips for how to spot a fake USB iPhone, iPod or iPad charger.

23 year old girl electrocuted by iPhone 

A 23 year old woman from China has been fatally electrocuted whilst using her iPhone 5 whilst charging, it has been reported.

The incident happened last weekend, when the victim, Ma Ailun, answered her phone while it was recharging after getting out of the bath.

Her family has confirmed that she was using the latest iPhone 5, bought from the Apple shop, which was being charged with the original charger.

Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed whether the Apple device itself is to blame for the tragic incident, Apple has confirmed that it is looking into what happened in order to guarantee that its products are 100% safe.

Technical engineers are trying to reassure users, however, that using mobile phones while they’re recharging still remains safe, and that the case of Ma Ailun remains an anomaly. It has been recommended that mobile phone users should ensure that they only purchase accessories, including phone chargers, from official retailers, and avoid using cheap knockoffs that could potentially have faults.

Man electrocuted by fake iPhone charger

Just days after a young woman in china was killed by her iPhone charger, a man, also from China has suffered serious injuries after plugging his iPhone 4 in using a non-Apple charger.

 30-year-old Wu Jiantong was rushed into intensive care in a Beijing hospital after suffering an electrocution when plugging in his phone, his sister confirmed. 

The man is in a stable condition, though still remains in a coma, a spokesman has said. 

This news comes as a further warning to consumers using third party iPhone accessories, which are often cheaper, though evidently less regulated, than official Apple merchandise.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel