Apple Planning to get rid of the Home Button

Apple Home Button

One of the most iconic and recognisable Apple features, the home button has been a constant addition to all iPhone and iPad models, but could it be on its way?

Reports in Taiwan suggest that Apple is seriously considering losing the home button, mainly in an effort to make its upcoming devices better looking.

The End of an Era

Is it the end of the line for the Apple home button?

Apple’s long had a link with its physical home button, with many fans highlighting it as one of the best features of any smartphone on the market. In fact, many fans have given it the same kind of following the scroll wheel had on older iPods.

If this Taiwanese report was true, then it would be considered a huge move by Apple, and one which could draw a lot of criticism. It only takes a quick glance at some internet forums to find out, with many Apple loving mobile users slating the idea whilst Android fans laugh along with the reports.

The report claims that Apple is in the middle of developing the technology behind the switch, which would offer a built in soft touch button to return to the home screen. This is similar to the button sported by most Android phones, but is considered to be less user friendly.

Losing the home button would help cut down the bezels at the bottom of the screen on the next iPhone, allowing the phone itself to become a bit smaller without sacrificing screen size, you can check other latest iphone 6s rumours as they are available here.

The main issue Apple faces is integrating the Touch ID technology into a non-physical button, something which smartphones haven’t managed until now. The likes of Samsung and HTC have included fingerprint scanners before, but both companies have stuck with physical efforts.

When do we say goodbye?

Will Touch ID stick around with the new home button?

As with all leaks, there’s no way to confirm whether or not Apple is really considering making the move, and if we’re being honest we don’t think this one is quite as legitimate as some other rumours.

However, if Apple is to move away from the physical home button, it’s extremely unlikely that it will have anything to do with the iPhone 6s, which is due to appear this autumn. It’s more likely that the change will come into play with either the iPhone 7 or the 7s depending on how fast Apple get to work.

As always, we won’t be getting any word from Apple about this until the company launches its next phone, and even then it won’t’ react to rumour, so we’ll have to wait and see…

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Written by Luke Hatfield