Apple drops legal action over Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Apple drops legal action over Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Electronics super-giant, Apple, has withdrawn legal proceedings against its Korean rival, Samsung, over the design of the Galaxy S3 Mini. Apple claims that the Galaxy S3 Mini, released in October last year, infringes on its patent agreement, marking a continuation of the on-going legal battle between the two manufacturers.

The same debate regarding the Galaxy S3 was concluded by a $1.5 billion pay-out by Samsung last year, though it would seem that Samsung and Apple have this time come to a less financially-demanding compromise. Apple withdrew its complaint based on the agreement that Samsung will not market the Galaxy S3 Mini in the U.S.

However, it appears that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Mini has recently appeared for sale on sites such as Amazon in the last month. Apple has previously inferred that they will appeal against the decision made by the courts not to ban all Samsung products in the U.S.; in this case it would seem that Apple is happy to simply make a compromise with the South Korean company.

In related news, LG Display (a stakeholder of LG) has also filed an injunction against Samsung, claiming that the Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy Note 10.1 infringes several of its patents concerning its display technology. As a result, LG is attempting to have the Samsung tablet removed from the market in South Korea entirely. How likely this is to happen is yet unknown, though LG have announced that it will seek damages totalling almost $1 million if the Note 10.1 does remain on the Korean market.

It’s not a great start to the New Year for Samsung, to say the least.