Apple Continue Sales Roll

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Apple has recently revealed its sales figures for Q1 of 2014 this week, and surprise-surprise it looks like it is continuing its form in the smartphone and tablet market.

Arguably the biggest smartphone company on the planet right now, we were not shocked to see Apple top the festive period sales mark we say earlier this month, and it has been backed up by the official results as well.

Whilst Apple didn’t go into which handsets performed best, it did state that the iPhone sold a whopping 51 million units compared to the 47.8 million they sold during the same portion of last year.

It’s unknown just which handset sold the most, but we’d be stupid not to think that the 5s topped the charts over the likes of the 5c and 4s.

iPads also saw a boost over the quarter, going up from last year’s 23 million sold units to 26 million this time around.

This boost is being attributed to the recent releases of the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Air, both of which have brought in customers despite their price tags.

Apple has also seen success on the Mac front as well, selling 4.8 million Macs compared to 4.1 million last year.

One area where Apple hasn’t seen success though is in the sale of iPods, the formerly iconic piece of tech is being almost made redundant by the iPhone, which features the same music player.

The iPod has dropped from 12.6 million moved units to a surprisingly low 6 million this time around, spelling some not so good news for Apple.

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Written by Luke Hatfield