Apple celebrates its 50 billionth App Store download

Apple celebrates its 50 billionth App Store download

It may surprise you that Apple only launched its famous App Store in 2008, and already this week the consumer electronics giant is celebrating its 50 billionth download.

The lucky user who actually downloaded app number 50 billion, Brandon Ashmore from Ohio, has won a massive $10,000 App Store gift card after installing Say the Same Thing by Space Inch, LLC. Apple is also handing out a $500 gift card to the first 50 people who downloaded apps after the 50 billion mark was reached.

Google has announced at its I/O conference in Florida that it isn’t far behind Apple in the app download stakes. In fact, while Google celebrated reaching the 25 billion mark in September last year, this week the company is claiming now to have experienced 48 billion downloads from its Google Play Store.  

Other app stores are trailing in behind both Apple and Google, with the new Windows Phone Store having celebrated its 1 billionth download in February this year, whilst the slightly more establish BlackBerry World reached the three billion mark last year.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel