Apple becomes most valuable brand in the world

Apple becomes most valuable brand in the world

Despite recent criticism and negative comments about the company’s future, Apple has today proved that they’ve still got it after being assessed as the most valuable company in the world, overtaking Coca Cola.

When the ranking began back in 2000, Apple appeared in the thirty-sixth position. However, within 13 years, the Cupertino giant has increased its value fifteen-fold, from $6.6bn to $98.3bn. Apple’s fortunes lay in its iPhone, iPad and Mac range, with the iPhone 5s and 5c making a record 9 million sales in just the first weekend it went on sale last month.

Google came closely in second place with a total value of $93.3bn, mainly due to its expansion into the mobile phone arena, its Google Glass and its self-driving car.

This year’s rankings show a dramatic change in the economic scene, with Coca Cola dropping to third position with a value of $79.2bn after thirteen consecutive years at the top of the table. It would seem that technology and innovation are playing a key role in shaping what consumers are buying, with companies such as McDonald’s falling to the bottom of the top 10.

It is also interesting to add that despite its relative dominance in the smartphone scene, Samsung only came into the equation at position 8, with a value of $39.6bn. Although in terms of monetary value Samsung might be a long way off Apple, today’s news reveals that Samsung has actually had the strongest growth out of all the global companies this year, with its value rising a massive twenty per cent due to high sales of its Galaxy S4, S3 and Note devices. This suggests that over the next few years, we could see Samsung rise higher up in the rankings with the potential to steal Apple’s crown.