Bad iPhone Battery? Apple has a Case for you…


Apple hasn’t exactly been a shining beacon on smartphone battery advancement over recent years, with iPhones proving some of the least energy efficient phones on the market.

In fact, after a few months it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get much more than a day’s worth of battery life from your iPhone, something many of us have had to deal with. But now Apple is doing something to remedy that problem, although you’ll need a bit of spare cash to get your hands on it.

The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

As always, Apple hasn’t really mentioned that it thinks that its batteries are bad (even though they are), but has instead offered us a way of extending it with an official accessory that many mobile fans will already be accustom to.

The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is essentially the normal case you can buy direct from Apple, only with an extra battery crammed into the back of it.

It’s built with a silicone material which fits snuggly over the 6s, and comes in either white or charcoal grey. On top of providing you with an extra portion of battery, it also does the job you’d expect from any standard case, improving your handset’s chances of surviving the odd bump or scrape.

Will you be buying this iPhone 6 case?

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Apple is promising an increased talk time of 25 hours, or up to 18 hours more 4G internet use – but hasn’t divulged the exact internal battery capacity, although we’d guess that it’s around the 2,500mAh mark.

As always, there’s an Apple Tax

Of course, despite having us struggle in comparison to other smartphone batteries, Apple isn’t giving these cases away for free. Instead, you’ll be expected to shell out the best part of £80 to pick one up, making it much more expensive than the same style of case you can find on many other online retailers.

However, these third-party cases aren’t nearly as reliable as Apple’s own wares, and as ever, you’ll get plenty of decent coverage should you buy the case direct from Apple.

Even still, £80 for a case with a bit more juice in it is quite an ask, even for the less financially frugal iPhone shoppers, and could prove a step too far for many. However, if you are interested in picking one of the cases up, you can shop for them directly from Apple today.

Unfortunately for phablet fans, the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is only compatible with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, meaning you’ll need to make do without one for the time being should you own one of the larger devices on the range.

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Written by Luke Hatfield