Apple and Samsung Organise Mediation Talks

The ongoing lawsuit war between Apple and Samsung may finally be coming to an end in 2014 with both companies set for mediation talks over the next month.

Apple and Samsung have long been embroiled in multiple lawsuits across the globe, totalling billions of dollars all focused on smartphone and tablet design.

It all kicked off in 2011, with Apple filing against Samsung after claims that the Korean company released several phones with similarities to Apple’s iPhone 3GS.

Samsung then claimed against Apple, stating that the California based company had used some of their mobile communication patents without requesting them.

This has battled on for years now, costing both companies plenty of money, with Apple reportedly paying its lawyers approximately $60 million over the battles course.

But it seems both companies want to talk resolutions out now, with both having spent in the millions.

It’s unknown which company suggested the mediation talks and how long they may take, but it is confirmed that talks will take place by or on February 19th 2014, meaning the battle could be finished before the release of the companies’ latest flagship smartphones.

How long this peace between the two technology giants will last is a completely different question, but it could be a good sign for everyone involved if both companies save money which could be spent developing their tech.

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By Luke Hatfield