Long delays for Apple AirPods in the UK

Long delays for Apple AirPods in the UK

Apple customers are set for disappointment this Christmas as the Apple AirPods went on sale on Tuesday 13th of December. The disappointment comes in the form of a long delay on delivery, after the AirPods sold out quickly.

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The Apple AirPods, which cost £159 in the UK, are showing on Apple’s website with a four week delivery. I spoke to Apple’s representative who told me that “The delivery has been pushed back since then due to the demand for the AirPods.” The representative continued to inform me that “The delivery date at the moment is on or before Jan 23rd.”

What are Apple AirPods?

With Apple removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, many Apple owners will turn to the Apple AirPods. These are wireless earphones that avoid cable-tangle issues altogether, by having no cable between the to two AirPods or the device that they are paired to.

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Intelligence has been built in by Apple, giving a great experience from the outset. The AirPods instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, when you take them out of their charging case. This also works when they are paired with an Apple Watch, Mac or iPad. A double tap on the AirPods activates Siri, who can skip songs, adjust the volume, make a call or get directions.

Apple AirPods alternatives

The AirPods use the Apple W1 chip, along with a motion accelerometer and optical sensors, to detect when they are in your ears, in order to automatically play audio and activate the microphone.

Sound clarity is enhanced with beam-forming microphones that filter out background noise and focus on the sound of your voice.

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Five hours of listening is offered through careful battery management, conducted by the ultra low power W1 chip. The charging case itself holds charge for up to 24 hours use. So putting the AirPods back into their case, initiates a recharge that gives three hours of listening after just 15 minutes of charge.

AirPods spec

The Apple AirPods weigh 4g, while the charging case weighs 38g. With one tap setup it is easy to get started and the AirPods seamlessly switch between the devices you use. They offer AAC Audio, which is of a better sound quality than MP3.

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Apple AirPods are compatible with any iPhone (including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus), iPod touch or iPad device that runs on iOS 10 or later. They also work with the Apple Watch if it has watchOS 3 or later and Mac devices with macOS Sierra or later.

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Written by: Michael Brown