Apple Admits Security Breach

Apple Hack

One of the leading smartphone companies on the planet, Apple has long been a shining light of internet security, but has this week admitted that it’s had the biggest internet breach of its history.

Apple’s long standing history of mobile security could well be in serious threat following the announcement, but are you affected by Apple’s mistake?

The Apple App Store Breach

The problem which Apple has had is based solely within its trusty App Store, where hackers have convinced developers to use its own brand of software to create apps, which looks and acts like the iPhone manufacturer’s kit.

Dubbed XcodeGhost, the software allows developers to build apps and then submit them to the app store like normal. However, unbeknown to the developers, hackers have slipped in a kind of malware which can wreak havoc with iOS devices which download the apps.

Has the App Store hack affected you?

Users can see the breach start fake phishing dialogs that can steal login details, open dodgy websites and even play around with your clipboard. This obviously raises major concern for anyone who happens to use an iPhone, iPad or iPod, possibly opening up their personal details to fraudulent users.

The hack was allegedly discovered by a group of cyber security companies, and Apple was quick to confirm that the issue was being handled. The iPhone manufacturer has since removed the affected apps from the store, which total above 300.

Is it time to delete apps?

Lucky for us, the majority of apps which are related to the malware infection are mainly based in South East Asia, with the Chinese version of WeChat being the biggest app that is reportedly infected. After checking, the app is now available on the App Store, which means that it has likely been fixed and republished online.

Apple has been quick to respond to the crisis, and has a brilliant history with dealing with these kind of problems. IN fact, Apple’s imposed app testing process has only seen five apps previously get by with some kind of internet virus affecting them, compared to the thousands upon thousands which pop up on the Google Play Store.

WeChat is the biggest app affected...

As a recommendation, we’d only suggest downloading apps which are well-known and double checking online before downloading. However, as a whole we reckon that Apple has already done the work in ensuring that the rest of its App Store is safe.

Either way, it still proves a real reminder that even the biggest and most secure parts of the web can still be hacked, so make sure you stay aware…

What do you make of this Apple breach? Have you been affected? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield