Android Planning in-Car Operating System?

Android is reportedly working alongside German car manufacturer Audi, as they work on their first in-car operating system.

The system is set to be announced at the recently approaching CES based in Las Vegas, and will focus mainly on in-car entertainment.

This comes after Apple also announced their intention to work on an in-vehicle system based on the hugely popular iOS we have come accustomed to in the iPhone.

Apple is rumoured to be working with several car manufacturers, whilst Google is working exclusively with Audi.

Cars built with the system will most likely have a built in interface, which allows both the driver and the passenger in the car access music, entertainment and applications simply and easily.

This also adds the possibility for passengers in the vehicle to connect their compatible smartphone to the car, which opens the technology up to numerous possible features.

It’s unknown just how costly having this feature in a car might cost, or if it’s even going to be available in 2014, but it’s certainly another step in the right direction for these ever expanding mobile phone giants.

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By Luke Hatfield