Long Wait for Android Pay in the UK

Android Pay

It seems that Android is in no rush to offer up its mobile payment service to fans here in the UK, after the company shunned our region once again with an update to the feature.

Google recently announced that the wireless payment process will be hitting new territories to start 2016, with Australia the big name part of the world that will be benefitting. However, the South Korean manufacturer neglected to offer any news specifically for the UK, suggesting that it’s not an area which will be using the feature anytime soon.

What is Android Pay?

If you’ve not heard about the latest craze we’ll fill you in. Android Pay is what’s called a mobile payment system, available on Android phones, and essentially allows you to link your bank card to your phone, letting you pay for things wirelessly.

Is Android Pay ever going to hit the UK?

There’s no need to enter a PIN or sign anything, you simply hold your phone over a contactless receiver, register a fingerprint and your phone will do the rest.

iPhone users have been making use of this for a while now, with plenty of banks linking with the mobile manufacturer to spread it fairly extensively across the UK. Some banks and card types still don’t work with the service, but its potential can’t be doubted, with many users stating that it’s something which could be a major part of the way we live our lives soon enough.

You’re stuck with Apple Pay

Android only stated in the news that other countries will be getting it later on in the year, meaning that the feature could take many more months to reach our shores. Whilst a short wait was to be expected, Google fans are now getting quite frustrated by the tactic, especially with competing manufacturers doing the opposite.

Apple for example has had its wireless payment feature available for months now, whilst Samsung is also bringing its version of the system along early in 2016. However, this leaves plenty of smartphone owners without any kind of relatable feature if they don’t have an iPhone or Samsung device, proving quite frustrating.

Does this give Apple Pay an advantage?

Check out Apple Pay

As you might expect, Google is now feeling the wrath of plenty of users, with forums and social media platforms across the UK being filled with angry users desperate for the service.

What makes things more frustrating is that the service launched all the way back in September over in the USA, giving UK users a sight of what they’re missing. Add to this the expansion of Apple Pay over recent months and you have a tumultuous mix which is damaging Android’s reputation.

Of course, Google will likely be working behind the scenes to keep our waiting time at a minimum, but it appears that it's fighting a losing battle now.

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Written by Luke Hatfield