Android Malware on the Loose

Android Malware Threat

An Android virus has been caught calling premium rate numbers without the mobile phone users’ knowledge, creating shock costs for consumers with outdated operating systems (OS).

The virus, which only works on Android based phones works by waiting until your phone is locked and then dialling or messaging premium rate numbers, racking up hefty phone bills and funding scammers.

Phone calls will not be visible on the screen but users devices will continue to ring the numbers until the phone is activated by getting past the lock screen.

The virus attacks phones working below the Android 3.1 update and only in certain areas of the globe, meaning that it has no profound impact here in the UK, but is still a warning shot to those working an Android device.

The majority of British based Android users will have well above version 3.1, with the latest update at version 4.4, making the virus completely useless.

But if British users don’t have an updated device and travel to the areas at risk, mainly in south-east Asia, they could end up paying hefty bills.

Advice given to those travelling with an older device is to update your phone regularly before travelling, contacting your network service provider, simply leaving your phone at home, or keeping it turned off or on ‘airplane mode’ through the duration of their stay.

New Malware viruses are spotted regularly, often hidden behind ‘fake’ apps that mask popular downloads, or are activated through opening unknown email attachments on mobile phones.