Google Officially Names Android M


After months of calling the next version of Google’s mobile operating system Android M, we finally have an actual name for the software. Android Marshmallow is the confirmed dessert-based moniker we’ve got to work with, and it didn’t come as a massive surprise.

Roasting over an open fire…

Marshmallow had long been the favourite for the Google based OS, with other names like Milky Way, Milkshake and Macaroon not quiet catching the imagination as well.

Google has even embraced the name with a brand new mascot, which is now based right outside Android headquarters in California – and has been pictured a fair amount since it was erected earlier on this week.

Android Marshmallow has been confirmed!

Although the name doesn’t mean all that much, it’s still one of the more inventive schemes on the mobile market. Whilst other systems stick to cold and hard number-based names, Android’s softer name policy definitely draws attentions, and could tempt undecided mobile fans its way.

The Kit Behind the Name

Unveiled at Google’s I/O conference, Android Marshmallow is set to be the most up to date mobile software on the market, although it’s likely to be on a par with iOS 9 and Windows 10.

It’s targeting the efficiency of Android smartphones, by helping out the RAM as well as improving battery life on every phone which runs the system. It’s also set to introduce native fingerprint scanning support, which basically means that any Android powered phone will be able to include the technology as long as it has the hardware behind it.

USB-C support is also set to be a big part of the update, allowing Google based phones to pack the ‘any side up’ charger ports, which are set to become more and more common in the near future.

Google has released developer versions of the kit already, although we wouldn’t suggest hunting one down unless you’re happy to risk messing up your phone. Developer versions tend to be buggy and prone to crashes, and are normally used only for the creation of apps etc.

Is Marshmallow the name you'd have picked?

The more stable and trustworthy official version of the software is likely to make an appearance this fall, and is a nailed on certainty to come along with the next Nexus phone, as it has done in previous years.

Now Google has confirmed the latest name for its operating system, we can officially start guessing the name of the next one! Android Nougat, anyone?

So, what do you make of the new name for Google’s latest operating system? Do you like it? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Written by Luke Hatfield