Android KitKat update reaches the Nexus 4

Android KitKat update reaches the Nexus 4

With it having been almost a month since Android 4.4 appeared on the Nexus 5, word on the street is that Nexus 4 devices are next on the list, with some users reportedly receiving the update today.

Android 4.4 (or KitKat) is a revamped version of Jelly Bean, and offers a range of new features including a launcher centred about Google Now. To read more about Android 4.4, take a look at our What Is Android KitKat? article.

Although the update is officially ‘coming soon’ according to Google, Nexus 4 owners from around the world are already claiming to have downloaded the update.

Although it feels like KitKat has been a long time coming, Google has reportedly taken its time to remove bugs that have arisen from the update.

Many Moto X users in the US have also revealed that they can access the new KitKat update, though Android 4.4 won’t be rolling out to other devices in the New Year.  

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel