Final Fantasy VII released for Android

Final Fantasy VII released for Android

Final Fantasy VII has just been released (July 8th 2016) for Android smartphone users in the UK. 

Final Fantasy VII is widely recognised as the Japanese Role Play Game that broke out into the worldwide market, selling 11 million copies worldwide. Final Fantasy VII was originally developed by Square Enix, for the PlayStation platform, in 1997.

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Final Fantasy VII can be downloaded onto smartphones that are running Android v4.3 or above. Priced at £12.99, the 1.9GB app needs 4GB of free space for it to be downloaded. The Google Play store will confirm if the game is compatible with your Android smartphone, while Square Enix has tested the game on the following popular phones:

Final Fantasy game

The Final Fantasy VII game is the first to feature 3D backgrounds and CG movie scenes. Even the battle stages appear in full 3D, for the first time.

Final Fantasy VII Android

The story follows the main character, Cloud Strife, and the game begins in the metropolis of Midgar. Characters can be customised with the ‘material’ system, which offer endless combinations of abilities and spells.

Exclusive to the Android version, players can turn off enemy encounters when on the area and world maps. Play is controlled with a virtual controller, which through different opacity levels, does not obscure the action.

Final Fantasy VII bug

At the moment there is however a bug in the Final Fantasy VII game. When using the buggy, airship, submarine or other transportation modes, movement may cease if the player embarks or disembarks from travel close to terrain. 

Final Fantasy VII

The game can be restarted at this point and the action will continue from the last save point. Anyone who has played RPG games before will be quite used to making regular saves, so this isn’t likely to upset too many gamers.

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It also worth noting that the auto save feature does not work when escaping from a battle on the world map.

As with all apps and games, there are several auto update options in the settings of the menu of Google Play. If you have auto updates activated then you will receive the latest update and bug fixes, when they are released. 

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII

If you have auto updates turned off, then remember to check for updates on a regular basis. This can be done by tapping ‘My apps and games’ in the Google Play menu.

Written by: Michael Brown