BlackBerry Could Bring More Android Phones Out in 2016

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BlackBerry may be bringing more of a selection of Android smartphones to the market in 2016, according to a pretty big hint from the manufacturer’s CEO, John Chen.

According to the head honcho of the Canadian company, BlackBerry’s Android future is focusing on the higher end of the market. However, it’s all dependent on the performance of the BlackBerry Priv, with this being the first Android phone from the business smartphone manufacturer.

The BlackBerry Vienna?

BlackBerry has already had a number of rumours surrounding its next Android phone spread online, many naming it as the BlackBerry Vienna.

The phone has even had some renders make their way online, meaning that it could be well past the design phase of construction. However, the company itself has yet to comment on the leaks, but will be considering its options before releasing the handset according to Chen.

Does the BlackBerry Android trend depend on the Priv's success?

Buy the BlackBerry Priv

“[It] Depends on the Priv. If the Priv is well received in the market and looks like it is. There's a good chance [of a new Android device]”. Said Chen, in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

This means that if the Priv does well, BlackBerry will look to continue the Google favouring trend, a move which many fans will have expected anyway. Equally, if nobody opts for the Priv, don’t expect BlackBerry to waste their time with another version of the phone.

What Specs to Expect?

The Priv already caters for the high-end crown, and it seems that any succeeding handsets will be doing a similar thing as well. The Vienna will likely have to top the Priv to drive any kind of meaningful sales numbers as well, so we can expect one of the best BlackBerry specs sheets ever.

A QHD display is a certainty considering that it made the cut on the Priv, whilst the 5.4” display size is likely to be matched once again.

Behind the screen, a Snapdragon 810 or maybe even an 820 chipset could make the cut, whilst 3GB RAM is also expected to be included. Up to 128GB internal memory is also likely, whilst the minimum memory option should be settled at 32GB to avoid being too cramped.

Is this the next Android BlackBerry?

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An octa-core chipset is also probable, as is the same 18 megapixel rear camera lens. However, the front lens could see a boost from 2 megapixels to 5, making the Vienna much more selfie-friendly.

Topping everything off will be a 3500mAh battery, providing a similar lifecycle to the Priv, normally well over a day given that you don’t fire up too many applications all at once.

As always, a release date and price will come much closer to launch, which isn’t likely until Q2 2016.

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Written by Luke Hatfield