Android Antivirus Test Results Announced

Android antivirus software

The security of mobile devices is a big concern among users and choosing the right antivirus for your smartphone can seem like a daunting task. The latest Android Antivirus tests have been conducted and the results have been announced. With these results you can now easily find the best Android Antivirus software to protect your smartphone.


The tests have been conducted by AV-TEST, an independent testing laboratory based in Germany that conducts tests on security products available for Android, Windows, iOS and other operating systems.

The rigorous testing was broken down into three sections to evaluate the Android security programmes for Protection, Usability and Further Important Security Features. Each aspect of the testing was assigned a points system with Protection at 6 points, Usability at another 6 points and Further Security offering up 1 point. 

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The Protection portion of the tests looked at how the antivirus software performed when blocking known Android malware and how well it could detect and block new Android malware.

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The Usability tests examined features such as anti-theft, call-blocking, parental controls, message filtering and backup/encryption and looked at how user-friendly the overall experience was, of each of these options. The Further Security Features looked at any additional features that the software provided not covered by the other tests.

The systems were tested using their default settings with the most current version used in the tests. The software was allowed to update itself at any time and the test focused on performance, false positives and malware protection with the software monitored for their performance across all protection layers and components.

Top-Ranked Antivirus Security for Android

There was a total of 27 antivirus systems tested and from these 3 apps came out on top with high scores in all aspects covered.

Bitedefender Mobile Security

The Bitedefender Mobile Security Anti-Virus app delivered a 100% result in the Protection criteria detecting the latest malware in real-time and previously discovered malware with a 100% success rate.

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The app got a 100% Usability score showing no impact on battery life and allowing the handset to run normally without slowing it down. This app also ran perfectly without showing false warnings when using apps from the Play Store as well as third party apps.

Sophos Mobile Security 6.1

Sophos also performed 100% effectively in the Protection features of the test and features tested included Call Blocker, Message Filter and Anti-theft options to locate, lock and wipe a phone should it become lost of stolen.

The app delivered zero false warnings when running apps and the handset performance was not affected by the anti-virus nor did it impact the battery performance.

Tencent WeSecure 1.4

The large sample of malware tested on the WeSecure app was detected 100% of the time meriting it with a 100% score. The battery and phone performance was not affected by the app and the anti-virus app did not generate too much traffic on the Android device when it was running.

The feature list was not as extensive on the security app as the other two as there is no anti-theft options or message filter but those features tested performed well to earn this app a top spot.

Rest of the Best Android Antivirus Apps

Best Android Antivirus Apps

The top apps achieved 100% in the protection tests conducted while others still remained high up the scale coming in at 99.9% to 99.7%. The other highly rated security apps are AhnLab V3 Mobile Security, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, Baidu Mobile Security, Intel McAfee Mobile Security, Symantec Norton Mobile Security and Qihoo 360 Antivirus.

While the remaining apps didn't rank as highly, there is no need to worry if you don't see your current app listed in the top rankings. An antivirus software will not always be able to protect against every threat as these are constantly changing but AV-Test recommend that an app that scores 8 or above in the tests should be able to handle the majority of threats. 

The 27 apps that were tested by the company all scored higher than this, so even if you are using one of the lower ranked apps you are still protected, as much as you can be.

Many of these Android antivirus products are available as a free download from Google Play so it is recommended that you download one to protect your device and the data stored on it.

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