Android 4.4.3 to Focus on Bug Fixes

Android 4.3

We’ve barely got to grips with the latest induction of Android 4.4 KitKat on many handsets, and we’re already hearing talk of Android 4.4.3 making rounds over social media.

Unfortunately though, we shouldn’t be looking forward to a new design or any sparkly new features with the next rendition of Android.

In fact, we’re hearing noises saying that the update set to focus on bug fixes, rather than design changes.

A leak recently revealed a full list of bugs that were set to get resolved in the update but mentioned no changes to the overall design of the system.

This doesn’t come as a very big surprise if we’re being honest, but it will disappoint some users who may have become bored with the current Android style.

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Fixes which are expected to be in the update include; Bluetooth connection fixes, missed call fixes and camera focus fixes, along with approximately 20 more changes.

The next major update we can expect from Android will most probably be Android 5, which will have a new nickname to go alongside it, beginning with L.

Android has become synonymous with naming updates in alphabetical order and after popular desserts and sweets, making a change from the very boring numbered updates we see from Apple and other developers.

There is no release date for Android 4.4.3 just yet, but we can expect it sometime later on this year, possibly around August.

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Written by Luke Hatfield