Android 4.3 update: what’s new?

Android 4.3 update

We saw a preview of the latest Jelly Bean 4.3 update on Samsung Galaxy S3 devices last week, but now the update is live and is spreading through Nexus 4 devices everywhere.

But with the upgrade still brandishing the name Jelly Bean, are there many differences which will make 4.3 stand out from previous versions of the operating system?

The first thing I noticed on my own Nexus 4 was the change in camera layout. Instead of the camera options being displayed in a circle when the screen was touched, the options are now permanently located in an arc around the shutter icon.

Also updated are the system’s ability to handle various languages, with languages such as Hindi and Afrikaans being thrown into the mix.

Further to that, version 4.3 of Jelly Bean allows users to create multiple user accounts, allowing, for example, parents to create separate profiles for their children to use without risking their personal data, messages or contacts being accessed.  

Although the average user won’t find many differences from previous versions of the operating system, the update does show signs of Google edging closer to releasing its shinier Key Lime Pie update, expected in the autumn of this year.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel