Amazon working on a 3D smartphone

Amazon 3D Smartphone

Amazon has been planning a move into the smartphone market for a while and what that will deliver has been the subject of much speculation. The latest news about their smartphone plans indicates that they could be looking to produce a smartphone with a special screen which gives users a 3D experience without the need to wear special glasses.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon will be launching a number of devices including two smartphones. The "high-end" smartphone will include a screen that uses retina tracking technology and images will "float above the screen like a hologram", this will make the images look 3D from whichever angle they are viewed.

It is also expected that users will be able to navigate through content using the retina tracking software too. The talk of the Amazon smartphone has been mainly based on a budget device so this high-end version could be a pleasant surprise. There is no confirmation on pricing or when we will see the Amazon 3D phone land here in the UK so we will keep you posted.

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Written by: Carmel Brown

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