Amazon Fire Phone Update Arrives

Amazon Fire Phone

Android Fire Phone users are getting an early Christmas present, after the manufacturer released a brand new update for users that is available now.

The Amazon Fire Phone hasn’t had the best start to life, with sales falling well below expected levels and users complaining about multiple issues and gimmicky features.

However, Amazon has fought back with its latest update, version 3.6.5, which offers plenty of fixes and new features for users to play with, going some way to repair its reputation.

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Amazon Update Details

The updated software brings famous artwork recognition for Firefly, which follows-up by supplying information on masterpieces through Wikipedia.

Also included is text translation to a number of European languages, Best Shot camera mode, which lets you take your pick between three snaps so you can choose the best one, and a character count on text messages.

MMS can now be turned on and off, whilst Amazon has also pre-loaded seven keyboard languages and made over fifty available to download as well.

Fire Phone users can now also block unwanted phone numbers, putting an end to nuisance callers continually hassling Amazon fans.

Another new addition is that of custom ringtones, whilst more lock screen controls have also been introduced, mainly that of being able to handle media playback without being forced to unlock the device.

A version of Microsoft Office is now pre-loaded onto the Amazon smartphone, whilst VPN connections can now be made for workaholics out there.

Calendars from other Amazon devices should now synchronise with your Amazon smartphone, making for a more connected infrastructure between devices, similar to that of Apple or Android.

Finally, battery life has seen a fairly substantial improvement, meaning Fire Phone users definitely shouldn’t be struggling to make their devices last the day.

In general, the update brings a lot of good news for Amazon fans, something which has been in short supply of late.

Talk of another Amazon smartphone is still a long way off, and with business not exactly booming on the original handset, a successor could end up being shelved permanently.

However, if this update does fix many of the problems users have been complaining about, it may well ensure that Amazon at least stays in the market for longer than expected.

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Problematic Updates

This follows a year of notably botched updates from numerous companies, most notoriously with Apple’s iOS 8 software which caused a multitude of problems for older smartphone users. It was repaired in a subsequent update however.

Android also faced issues during its Lollipop update, which is still experiencing some minor issues, but is also being rectified fairly quickly.

Either way, Amazon will be hoping that this update helps boost the sales of the Fire Phone in one way or another.

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Written by Luke Hatfield