Amazon to Release Smartphone in 2014?

Amazon Smartphone

Rumours are again circulating about an Amazon smartphone set to be announced sometime next year, powered by a Kindle based operating system.

Amazon has seen success with their recent releases of the Kindle Fire HD and HDX, and although rumours have been circulating  about an Amazon Phone for a while now, they have grown in intensity over recent weeks.

Features and specs for an Amazon smartphone have been scarce, but it’s believed that any phone produced will boast multiple front facing cameras to track any movements the user makes.

Nothing is confirmed however, though with the CES and MWC quickly approaching it would not be a surprise to see Amazon releasing some details of an upcoming launch, or even leaking some device details.

Statistics support the release of an Amazon smartphone as well, with the Fire and Fire HD not only receiving good reviews, but also considering the success of the Kindle marketplace based on its current batch of tablets.

Kindle users spend approximately £300 more each year on the marketplace compared to other consumers using alternate brands, proving Amazon’s success not only on the shelves but digitally as well.

If Amazon does release a smartphone in 2014, we could be seeing the entrance of another flagship smartphone manufacturer to challenge the likes of Apple and Samsung.