Alleged Galaxy S IV Benchmark tests appear online

Galaxy S IV Benchmark tests appear to smash the SIII

It appears that the Samsung Galaxy S IV has been spotted in benchmark tests that have appeared online at GLBenchmark's website and the results look impressive. The handset is listed as the SHV-E300S which would appear to be the South Korean version of the phone if previous model numbers are anything to go by.


Galaxy S IV benchmark tests


The tests show that the S IV is miles ahead of the competition including the current  Galaxy S3 in the onscreen and off-screen tests with only the Nexus 4 having a slight edge in the onscreen tests.

The results also show the handset is running a Qualcomm processor which should be replaced with an Exynos processor on the international version so the results could be even better on the phone that makes its way to us.

As this is a leaked tidbit of information it should be taken with a pinch of salt but the model number and the Qualcomm processor do point to this being the real deal South Korean version of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV.