Alcatel OneTouch Announces Fierce XL Windows Phone

Fierce XL

Alcatel OneTouch has officially revealed its first Windows 10 device at CES, offering up mid-range taste for Microsoft fans.

As always, CES has brought a huge buzz around upcoming phones, with a number of the ‘smaller’ manufacturers taking the time to reveal phones at the event. In fact, many smartphones are expected to make the cut at CES 2016, ahead of MWC – which takes place in the spring.

This Alcatel OneTouch effort is one which isn’t expected to be a big timer on the UK market, but it could prove to be a great back-up device if you’re of the Windows Phone persuasion.

Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL Specs

Is the Fierce XL a phone you're thinking of buying?

What to expect at CES

The Fierce XL won’t be battling with the likes of the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6, but it has proven one of the stronger Alcatel OneTouch phones of recent times.

Boasting a 5.5” 720p HD display, the Fierce is rocking quite a good screen compared to some of its compatriots, whilst Dragontrail glass offers plenty of protection as well. Behind the glass we get a 1.1GHz quad-core processor that’s more than capable of handling your average smartphone tasks, assisted by a healthy 2GB RAM.

Internal memory maxes out at 16GB, but you can use the MicroSD slot in the phone to up this if you should need to. A Snapdragon 210 chipset might not be the most recent on the market, but it definitely offers up a solid level of performance for a mid-range device like this.

Photography duties are passed down to an 8mp rear lens, which also includes a standard LED flash. On the front side we get a more modest 2mp snapper, which is plenty good enough for those daily Snapchat posts.

Battery life is handled by a 2,500mAh effort, which apparently boasts a 3 hour recharge cycle from 0%-100%. Meanwhile, you can expect the Fierce XL to last a full day given regular use, in spite of its sizeable screen. As we mentioned earlier, it’s Windows 10 running the device, bringing all of Microsoft’s goodies with it.

Fierce XL Release Date

Interested in the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL?

The Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL is one of the first phones of 2016, but what other upcoming phones can we expect? 

Alcatel OneTouch will be letting the Fierce XL loose on the market later on this month, with only one light blue colour option available. We’re still waiting for the company to give us a price tag, but we expect that it will be very affordable given its specs, with monthly plans likely to be much cheaper than flagship style devices.

Of course, for more information, you can keep your eye on Alcatel OneTouch’s website, although we’ll also keep you updated right here.

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Written by Luke Hatfield