Alcatel at IFA 2016

Alcatel at IFA 2016

Alcatel has used the IFA Berlin 2016 event to announce and demonstrate its latest mobile products. The new range of tech includes the Alcatel SHINE Lite smartphone, VISION VR headset, Alcatel 360 Camera, Move wearables and smartwatch and the Alcatel POP 4 (10) 4G tablet.

In this news report we take a look at each of these new mobile devices, their features, release dates and price.


The Alcatel SHINE LITE is a smartphone that has a seamless combination of metal and glass, which is designed to catch the eye of twenty-somethings, who have an eye for premium design.

Alcatel SHINE Lite

This Alcatel smartphone has a symmetrical design with 2.5D screen glass (5” HD IPS display) and a curved back cover. The SHINE LITE will be released in Satin Gold and Pure White, with a Prime Black colour option, scheduled for release before the end of the year.

The fingerprint recognition (rear-mounted fingerprint sensor) system has been cleverly designed to do more than simply unlock the phone. A fingerprint can be used to launch up to five apps, straight from the lock screen. Owners can for example, use their index finger to open the photo gallery and use a thumb to open emails, and so on.

Penalties for using your phone while driving to double

Fingerprint recognition can also be used to gives access to SafeBox, which is a secure place for storing private videos, photos, music and documents.

Fingerprint recognition

The Face Show app and front flash capture brightly lit self portraits, which are kept in a Selfie Album of videos and photos. The Split Catcher app creates multiple collage views of photos captured simultaneously on both the front 13MP camera and rear 5MP camera.

The Alcatel SHINE LITE will sell for less than £170 in the UK.

Alcatel Move

With the wearables market expected to grow, in Europe, by a minimum of 70%, Alcatel appears to have cleverly timed the release of a series of intuitive lifestyle wearables. These will be available, in late September, in differing colours, styles and features and are focused on active people who are looking to make life easier.

Alcatel Move wearables


The MOVEBAND is Alcatel’s first active bracelet and has been designed to track daily physical activities. The bracelet’s dedicated app tracks calories, time, pace and distance traveled. The MOVEBAND can also monitor the wearer’s sleep patterns.

When out and about, the bracelet tracks emails, text messages and calls, with downtime kept to a minimum, thanks to a charge time of less than 2 hours. The MOVEBAND will be sold packaged with Alcatel smartphones.


Available in dark grey, silver and gold, the MOVETIME Wi-Fi Watch can make calls straight from the wearer’s wrist. This notification ready smartwatch can open text messages, emails and reminders.

In addition to this the MOVETIME smartwatch can tracks steps, distance, time, calories, heart rate, water intake and caffeine intake. An intuitive gesture control system makes it easy to use with tap to play or pause music, rotate wrist to move forwards or backwards through a playlist or to activate the camera and take photos.


Alcatel’s MOVETRACK device uses GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi technology to keep track of luggage, pets or children, from a dedicated smartphone app. This gadget, with real-time tracking, can in the case of children, be used to create alerts if the child moves out of a pre-determined safe zone and within 90 seconds can precisely show the location of the child.


The parent can call or send a voice message to the child, while the child can call five speed-dial numbers or 10 preset contacts. The battery has been designed to last for up to four days.

Alcatel’s Virtual Reality Ecosystem

Alcatel’s Virtual Reality Ecosystem has been extended further with a new VR Headset and 360-degree camera.

VISION VR headset and 360 degree camera


VISION is the UK’s first readily affordable (all-in-one) virtual reality home entertainment device. The VR headset can be worn for two to three hours, with or without glasses, comfortably. This offers plenty of time to watch an IMAX format style movie, take a museum VR tour, enjoy music or experience immersive games.

Not tethered to a computer or smartphone, VISION allows wearers to move naturally though VR environments with a 120-degree field of vision. The 17 milliseconds latency is the lowest available and this is essential for creating the illusion of being in a virtual world. The VISION VR headset also adjusts for myopia (short-shortsightedness), to eliminate the need for wearers to use contact lenses or glasses

Best VR videos

VR content will be key to the success of VISION and several partnerships have been formed with Alcatel to cater for this. The hardware and pre-loaded content includes Magic Interactive Entertainment’s BattleBlock Frisbee combat game, with person-to-person mode. Jaunt VR brings a cinematic 360-degree stereo video experience while Fraunhofer offers an immersive audio solution that adapts in real-time, to what is being seen, as the wearer looks around.

Alcatel 360 Camera

Alcatel’s Virtual Reality Ecosystem is extended further with the Alcatel 360 Camera. This light and compact camera allows owners to quickly create, share and view 360-degree videos and photos, on their Alcatel IDOL 4, IDOL 4S or POP 4S smartphone, as well as on the VISION VR headset..

Enabling the owner to become a VR filmmaker, the camera comes in two designs. The first has a ball-shaped form that maximises 360-degree shooting, and this imitates film making design language. The second form is rectangular and this provides a thinner and more compact body.

The dual 210-degree Fisheye lenses and camera module can simply be pushed into the microUSB port of either the IDOL 4, IDOL 4S or POP 4S smartphones. Owners can then, in a few simple steps, create 360-degree photos, VR videos or capture group selfies.

Alcatel Pop 4 (10) 4G Tablet

Alcatel has additionally used the IFA 2016 event in Berlin to announce a new 2-in-1 tablet, that has a detachable Qwerty keyboard. Running the Android operating system and with an IPS Full HD display, this tablet should prove popular.

Alcatel Pop 4 (10) 4G Tablet

Advanced audio technology from MaxxAudio by Waves has been used to create an immersive experience for music and movie lovers, in conjunction with the dual front speakers. Auto select technology detects the type of content or music genres, to optimise the setup, with pro studio-level processors developed by audio mastering engineers.

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This slimline tablet with premium metallic design details will be available in the UK from October.

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Written by: Michael Brown