Airbags for your phone

Airbags for your phone?

So over the years we have seen technological advancements including TVs that can record programs; cameras that have become mobile phones and even cars that can park themselves. So what’s next?

It would seem that the innovators at Amazon have come up with a new idea to help protect your phone when dropped: airbags.

Now, we have all experienced those ten seconds of sheer panic when our super shiny smartphone goes hurling towards the floor at the startling speed of light. Nine times out of ten you will probably clamp your eyes shut and hope for the best, but I can count on both hands just how many of my friends have sustained a cracked screen or broken case as a result of an incident like this.

But airbags for your phone. Really?

Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has gained approval for the patent which will protect the concept being used by any other manufacturer on a number of devices, including mobile phones, E-Readers including the Amazon Kindle, tablets and cameras.

According to figures released recently, iPhone users alone spend tens of millions of pounds on repairing their handsets after dropping them. This would suggest that there is a niche in the market for such design. But will it really work?

Although details are yet unknown about how a mobile phone will incorporate airbags, a few doubts have already cropped up in my mind: one, with handset designs getting thinner and thinner, how will an airbag possibly fit in, and two, surely the cost of having to replace a used airbag would equal the amount spent on repairs in the first place?

Whether airbags for your mobile phone will be the biggest innovation of the century, or whether it will prove to be a complete flop, only time will tell…