Acer to make Second Windows Phone

Acer Windows Phone

Could Acer make its way back onto the Windows Phone circuit this year? If the operating system continues to grow they might do, according to reports.

Acer previously made the Allegro almost three years ago, the companies first ever Windows powered handset, but since then the production line has been kept silent on the Windows Phone front.

But, if Microsoft boosts the European market share to around 15%, Acer will jump back into the mix so to speak, if the company’s Vice President of smartphones is to be trusted.

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Allen Burns, the man in question, mentioned that if Windows Phone’s customer demands continued to grow, as they did last year, then they would take the risk of building another Microsoft based handset.

This risk isn’t a big one though, and Acer could pay for waiting, with both Samsung and Sony reportedly discussing working on a Windows based phone.

If Acer does eventually jump back on to the Microsoft powered phone though it wouldn’t come as a huge surprise especially considering the success that the operating system has seen since last year.

Nokia has been the main supplier of Windows Phones in recent years, with handsets like the Lumia 520 and 1020 proving huge successes, prompting other manufacturers to get in on the action this year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield