A glimpse of the Samsung Note 8.0

A glimpse of the Samsung Note 8.0

Everywhere you look in the halls of this year’s MWC, Samsung seem make an appearance. Whether it’s the demo-stand they have set up before you even enter the conference centre at Fira Gran Via, or the giant billboards on the square outside, Samsung is simply everywhere. However, the Korean company has decided to lay low at this year’s MWC in terms of its releases, instead announcing on the opening day of MWC that it will unveil its Galaxy S4 at a private event in March.


However, Samsung have ensured that its fans do not come away from Barcelona disappointed, and has brought its latest Note 8.0 tablet to the stands of MWC. The device sits in between a smartphone and a tablet, with its screen measuring in at 8 inches. In many ways, though, the Note 8.0 looks exactly the same as the popular Note 2, except bigger.


With the same S-pen feature which in many ways made the Note 2 so successful, the Note 8.0 is set to win over the world of tablets once and for all. What’s great about this device is its ability to split the screen in two in order to use two different functions at the same time. In the middle of watching a film but want to reply to a text message? It’s really easy with Samsung’s dual split screen technology.


Because of the Note 8.0’s size, it has been said that the device will rival the iPad mini, which also has an 8 inch screen. Although Samsung seem to be putting a tick in every box as far as its smartphone and tablet products go, I predict that all talk of the Note 8.0 will dissipate as soon as the Galaxy S4 is launched on March 14th

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel