3D Amazon Phone Coming This Year?

Amazon Phone

A 3D Amazon smartphone could be on the shelves this year, if rumours circling the web prove to be true.

Online retail giant Amazon is currently famous for its Kindle e-reader and online shopping website, but is now set to enter the smartphone fray in time for the fall.

The smartphone hasn’t been named yet, and no pictures have been leaked, but the smartphone will reportedly boast a 3D form of technology, which doesn’t require the user to wear any glasses.

This obviously screams out Nintendo 3DS to us, the portable games console which itself is 3D, without making the users use any eyewear, like in the cinema.

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But the Amazon technology will be different than the Nintendo tech, using four front-facing camera lenses, which track the user’s retinas, adjusting the screen to make it appear 3D.

This would mean that when you move closer to the device, that the area of the screen you’re looking at will increase in size.

Clearly this is a step forward from the dual lens tech we have seen on the recently released HTC One M8, which adds 3D effects to pictures taken on the camera, like depth of field.

This also opens up near limitless opportunities for developers if Amazon opens up the kit for third-party use, and could be the next big leap in smartphone features after the fingerprint scanner, which didn't make an appearance on the M8.

The Amazon phone will likely run via Android, but instead of using the Google Play Store for apps, users will have the Kindle Store to make use of.

In terms of price, Amazon is reportedly looking at charging in the region of £350 SIM-free, but this could obviously rise or fall depending on the spec list Amazon decides to include with the handset.

You can expect to hear more about this fabled Amazon phone through the coming months, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield