24 carat gold Porsche BlackBerry unveiled

24 carat gold Porsche BlackBerry

Feeling flush this month? Why not get your hands on the latest gold plated, leather bound BlackBerry P'9981?

This outdated mobile phone won’t be loaded with all of the latest features such as BlackBerry 10 or even a touch screen; its release is purely intended to wow its customers (and poor onlookers like us!) with its 24 carat gold casing designed by luxury car maker Porsche.

The device will include a 1.2 GHz processor, 8GB of internal memory and a measly 768MB of RAM.

Although Porsche hasn’t yet announced how much the P’9981 will be sold for, a similar stainless steel version of the device was marketed for £1,275 in Harrods back in 2011. However, there will only be 25 gold plated phones available for purchase from Harrods next month, not, I assume, that this will be a huge problem during the current economic climate...

Users of the gold BlackBerry P’9981 will not only be able to flash their snazzy phone around for all to see in public, though; owners’ BBM PINs will indicate to other BBM users that they are typing from a limited edition Porsche designed handset. The code 2AA will accompany users' BBM PIN, allowing friends from all over the world to feel the jealousy you want them to feel- only if they are aware of what 2AA means, though!

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If you were rich would you buy a gold plated BlackBerry? Or would you rather have one of the latest handsets on the market instead? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Alternatively, to post a comment below. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel