£11 Billion Worth of Phones Going to Waste

Mobile Phone Recycling

In recent figures released by a popular mobile phone recycling website, it appears us in the UK are too attached to our old phones, currently sitting on £11 billion worth of old handsets.

Many old phones are often found in the backs of drawers or lofts, with some customers simply ‘not knowing’ what to do with their old phones.

Whilst many retailers are now offering ‘recycling’ of old phones for cash back, some customers simply keep them for a rainy day, whilst the handsets depreciate in value.

At the moment, the iPhone 4s is currently the most recycled phone on the market right now, bringing in around £100-£130 in value.

In fact, the average mobile phone user has two or three handsets in their household that simply aren’t being used after an upgrade.

Whilst companies like Mazuma Mobile have seen plenty of success since their start-ups it seems that we Brits could well be sitting on a mobile phone goldmine.

Other phones that are currently seeing good recycle prices include the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3, all of which bring in over £100 each.

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Written by Luke Hatfield