O2 Customers Suffer Bank Holiday Blues

No Signal

If you’re on the O2 network, you may have found yourself struggling over the bank holiday weekend – and you weren’t the only one.

O2’s service quality dropped significantly on Monday evening, resulting in country-wide problems for almost everyone using the network in the UK.

Kiss your Phone Signal Goodbye!

Problems were first reported in London, Leeds and Nottingham on Monday evening, with other complaints quickly coming in from other major cities in the country.

Customers quickly took to social media in an effort to vent their anger, quickly overwhelming the O2 Twitter feed.

Were you struggling for signal this weekend?

Tweets varied from off the cuff jabs at the company to angry outbursts, with many customers receiving standardised responses from the mobile network.

The problems lasted for several hours through until Tuesday, with problems affecting calls, texts and internet services. This meant that basically every service was unavailable on O2 phones for a good while, unless you happened to be on a Wi-Fi connection.

O2 generally has a good record when it comes down to performance, with it being deemed one of the more reliable networks on the market.

The company is also renowned for its customer deals, with O2 Priority being one of the better deals available to customers – offering pre-sale tickets to exclusive events. It seems that O2 could try and appease its fan base by providing some sort of deal based compensation for the outage, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Is it fixed?

O2 has confirmed that all the problems have been solved now, so problems shouldn’t be persisting, although some issues are being reported.

The company hasn’t offered a reason for the disruption, with the company clearly not entirely aware of the cause itself.

The company is informing users that if they are still having problems that they should switch their phones off and on to fix things. If you’re still suffering from problems, the best help we can recommend is by heading to your nearest O2 store, or by calling the network directly.

For once, we weren't O2's priority...

Will it be happening again?

Signal drops aren’t a particularly uncommon event, however as O2 hasn’t confirmed the reason for the problem, it could well happen again at any time.

Normally, problems come down to a hardware or software issue within the network itself, which can quickly be rectified and then protected against to stop it happening again. Of course, considering O2’s reliability up until this problem, we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

However, if the problems rear their head again then O2 may look to fix them permanently, although it coming up again is unlikely.

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Written by Luke Hatfield