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Vodafone Information

history of Vodafone

The Vodafone network is one of the most well-known and established in the world, and here in the UK it offers both a network signal and a range of self-branded phones that have been tailored specifically to the services it offers. Vodafone itself doesn't actually manufacture phones but commissions them from other well-known mobile phone manufacturers and then boosts the features with additional software and apps.


The network's history begins in 1982 with the Racal Electronics Group winning its bid for the private sector UK cellular licence. It then set up its telecomms division under the name of Vodafone reflecting the provision of voice and data services of mobile phones.

By 1985 Vodafone was ready to launch the UK’s first analogue network and the first call is made from Newbury on the 1st January. In 1987 Vodafone was recognised as the largest mobile phone network in the world and has held a dominant position since.

By the early 1990’s they had become an independent company, made the world's first international roaming call and launched the first digital (GSM) phone service in the UK. In 1993 the first high street stores were opened and a string of firsts continued through the 1990s, including launching the first data, fax and SMS service, per second billing and the release of pre-pay phones.

Service Changes

Radical changes in technology progressed the services available on the network as WAP (the first basic mobile phone internet service), GPRS (always on internet access) and 3G full internet access became available.  These latest internet based services over 3G included video calling, video streaming, location based services with GPS, social network integration for Facebook and Twitter and ‘apps’ which allow consumers to download new programs onto their smartphone for increased functionality.

In 2008 Vodafone introduced the Blackberry Storm 9500, an exclusive device and the first ever full-touch screen phone.

Major Network

Vodafone is a true global giant and innovator of new technologies and services, with a large following of consumers who enjoy the very best that the latest smartphones offer. Pay as you go phones are available to those who like the freedom of no contract as well as those who are under 18 and can not legally sign one. Contracts with 12, 18 and 24-month terms provide users with free monthly usage allowances and discounted phone prices whilst SIM-only deals provide great value for money for those who don't need to update their phone.


4G on vodafone UK

The launch of 4G in the UK sees Ultrafast Vodafone 4G with Netflix, Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium included with coverage growing all the time. If you are ready to upgrade there are just several steps you have to take to ensure that you can gain the data speeds you require, espeically 4G for your business contract phone deals.

Vodafone Coverage Area

Vodafone coverage checker

With a major network you expect signal and Vodafone gives you just that. With coverage across the UK of 3G and spreading fast on 4G, you know you have a mobile phone network you can trust.

If you want to check the areas you mainly use your mobile then you can at Vodafone's website, where you can type in a postcode to drill right into the area required.

5G Could be on it's Way

There is already work going on regarding the next super-fast version of mobile networks, otherwise known as 5G, although it won't be around until 2020 according to reports. Until then networks will keep upgrading their 4G infrastructure to ensure more reliability. Want to know what 5G means? Click here to find out...

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