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What is Virgin Mobile?

The Virgin Mobile network, a subsidiary of Virgin Media, is a wireless communications brand that is available in eight countries worldwide including the UK. Each Virgin Mobile brand is entirely independent from each other so services such as featured mobile phones and price plans are different from country to country.     

Virgin Mobile UK is a mobile phone service provider and was the world’s first virtual network operator back in 1999. As such Virgin Mobile does not have its own network to maintain and instead holds a contract to use the signal provided by the newly formed Everything Everywhere network. Initially Virgin Mobile UK operated on the T-Mobile network (known as One2One at the time) but following the merger of Orange and T-Mobile into Everything Everywhere its consumers can enjoy the use of both signals improving the overall performance and coverage.      

History of Virgin Mobile

As Virgin Mobile UK had no network to maintain it allowed them to enter the market with very competitive pricing and by 2003 the company reported its first annual profit following on from a successful Christmas marketing campaign. In 2004 Deutsche Telecom, initially a 50% stakeholder, sold their stake in the company with the agreement that if the company went public within the next two and a half years they would receive 25% of the proceeds. This split followed on from arguments between the two companies about the original agreements made in 1999 with its T-Mobile UK division.      

In 2004 Richard Branson made the company public with 37% of the company made available in shares with the remaining shares held by the Virgin Group. This valued the company at £500m at a time when Virgin Mobile had 4.1-million customers and 1,400 staff in the UK.      

In late 2005 Virgin Mobile UK commenced talks with NTL Telewest about a sale and the combination of the two would create the UK’s first quadruple play media company bringing together mobile phone, broadband internet access, TV and fixed line phone services. Once the deal was completed NTL Telewest re-branded under the name of Virgin Media on February 8th 2007.      

Virgin Mobile UK now provides contract phones, pay as you go phones and mobile broadband with allowances of 1GB and 3GB depending upon the package chosen. On completion of the merger between Orange and T-Mobile, T-Mobile dropped its signal in areas already covered by Orange and in October 2011 Virgin Mobile customers were able to use the Orange network where they had lost coverage.