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Benefits of opting for Three

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One of the UK's biggest and most well-known smartphone networks, Three has long been seen as a reliable service which is ideal for data needy users. Offering 4G service to the majority of the UK, Three is up there alongside O2, EE and Vodafone as the big name providers of signal.

One of Three's most useful products was the Skypephone that went on sale in November 2007. The Skypephone provided consumers with free voice calls and instant massaging from the Skype service. A similar service named 'Skype on 3' was also created for use on other manufacturer’s handsets.

Another useful service from Three is called '3 Like Home' and this promises to not charge any additional roaming charges when Three users connect to another Three network when overseas (excluding Three Indonesia). Unfortunately this service ended in 2010 but has been replaced by more competitive call rates.

A competitively priced selection of phones and tariffs are available today for both pay as you customers and contract customers. The smartphone range has something for everyone with budget models sitting alongside high-spec models but with both offering access to the most popular services such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you're already with Three and just want to upgrade my phone, then we can help you out as well.

Signal Coverage

If you want to check what signal is available across the UK , both 3G and 4G you can go the Three's website and check it via postcode and also check to see if your particular phone is 4G ready

Also you'll find information regarding the different data speeds and indoor and outdoor signal to make sure you are covered for any circumstances. Even your business communication needs will be met with Three's network on your phone.

Also, if you struggle with weak signal there is also a Wi-Fi box available that boosts the strength of your signal and has proved to give much improvement on indoor reception, connected to your home wifi, yet still using your tariff to make and receive calls, just ask Three for details.

Three signal booster with inTouch App

Make calls without three phone signal

Three inTouch is a great idea which basically allows you to use available Wi-Fi to make a call on your phone if you have no network coverage.

Just download the inTouch application find the nearest connectable wifi and your away.


  • Make and receive calls using your Three number to anyone on any network.
  • Call and text at no extra charge, using your monthly price plan or Pay As You Go credit.
  • *To activate the app the first time you use it, you’ll need to be to be linked up to a 3G or 4G connection.

3 history

Three SIM Only

These are a great option from the Three network if you don't need a new phone, what's more it works out cheaper too. Just choose the tariff which suits you and pop it into a compatable 3G or 4G ready phone. You can compare Three SIM only deals on pay monthly and pay as you go here.


The Three network is the UK's fastest growing network that now offers a coverage to 97% of the UK's population and was founded in 2002 and launched in 2003. The network is built for data and a huge investment has left Three future-proofed for 4G whilst connecting more people to the internet in more places whilst increasing its capacity for the demand of data.

Smartphones are rapidly becoming the world's most dominant segment of mobile phone sales and over 90% of Three's customers are choosing smartphones and opting for 'all-you-can-eat' data plans. At the beginning both phone prices and data charges were high but Three has worked diligently to bring down costs and offer customers an affordable flat-rate mobile internet including free internet calls with Skype.

In 2012, more tailored data price plans were released following the huge success story of 'The One Plan'. These new plans include the 'Ultimate Internet Plan' for those who want to fully embrace their mobile internet usage and the 'Essentials Internet Plan' for those who are using the mobile phone internet for the very first time.

The Three network itself is owned by Hutchinson Whampoa, which also has majority interests under the name Three in Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy and Sweden making it a truly global player. In additional to 3G enabled phones Three also provides a 3G data card for Windows based laptops with a range of tariffs that include dedicated business tariffs.

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