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The People's Operator is a totally new take on your traditional mobile phone network operator. 

Here at we have compared all The People's Operator deals in one place to take the hassle out of finding a new mobile phone. 

So if you want to do some good with your money each month, why not take out a TPO deal for your mobile phone? Find out more about TPO network and how it gives to charity below. 

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What is The People's Operator?

The People's Operator network is a completely unique proposition for a mobile phone network. Rather than being profit motivated, like most of the mobile phone world, The People's Operator instead gives the money it makes away to good causes. That means that every penny that you spend through the network helps raise money for charities and causes all over the world!

How does The People's Operator work?

The network is committed to helping society by giving money to causes that are importantt o its customers. That's why it doesn't spend its income on flashy offices or equipment, and ensures that one quarter of its profits go to a cause that's close to your heart. View our dedicated sim only page to get the best sim offers on 4G.

TPO Coverage

If you're concerned that The People's Operator coverage isn't as good as other more familiar networks, you needn't worry. Because TPO uses EE's network coverage, it means you will be part of the UK's biggest network!

So what are you waiting for? Compare The People's Operator deals today and start giving to a good cause!