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Who is T-Mobile?

The T-Mobile network has been one of the United Kingdom’s major suppliers of telecommunication solutions and is today recognised as a household brand with a reputation for offering great value tariffs. A range of phones including both self-branded handsets and models from the most popular phone manufactures such as LG, HTC, Apple, Samsung and Sony among many others are available to choose from today.         

History of T-Mobile

The T-Mobile network first entered the UK under the name of Mercury One2One and this was the first network in the world to use the GSM 1800 signal band. The network was re-branded as just One 2 One and under this name customers enjoyed great value in a competitive marketplace. In 1999 Deutsche Telekom bought One 2 One and later in 2002 the network was renamed to T-Mobile to fall in line with a brand that was known in both European and American countries. By 2012 this global group had 36,000 employees, who consistently vote T-Mobile as one of the best places to work, and approximately 150-million subscribers.      
The next major event for the T-Mobile network in the UK was the roll out of its 3G network in 2003. This service provided faster and broader access to the internet and led to the development of the smartphones that we know today. In 2008 T-Mobile customers enjoyed an enhancement to the network’s 3G coverage as it merged its network of mobile phone towers with Three to produce the countries largest 3G HSDPA mobile phone network.    
In 2009 France Telecom’s Orange UK and Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile UK announced that they would merge and in 2010 T-Mobile and Orange became Everything Everywhere. The high street brands remain as separate entities but customers can enjoy an enhanced coverage from the countries largest mobile phone network.  
T-Mobile has several recognisable and useful features that make it a popular choice today and these include a range of Unlimited Boosters that can be added to T-Mobiles range of contract tariffs. The unlimited boosters are designed to allow you to do more of the things you like and are completely flexible with the freedom to switch booster at any time. Three boosters are available to choose from and these are the Unlimited Texts Booster, Unlimited Landline Talk Booster and Unlimited T-Mobile Talk Booster. Further booster options are available to cover travel and data services and these can be added for a nominal monthly fee.    
Additionally T-Mobile helps you manage your account with a set of simple codes that can be dialled from your mobile phone to find out how much talk, text or data has been used. Contract phones on 12, 18 or 24 month terms, pay as you go phones and SIM only deals are all available here along with internet dongles for connecting your laptop to the internet when out and about.