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Are you looking for a new handset on it's own, then sim free is your option.

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We compare sim free mobiles, from the latest flagship models to mid-range and budget handsets.So if you’re ready to browse sim free deals online, our price comparison service is the perfect tool to find the best deal for you.

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Unlocked and open to any network

Generally when you buy a phone with an agreement, the handset is locked to the network you connected to, this then either costs you to get unlocked, which can be achieved over the internet or taking into specialist mobile phone shops that offer the service of mobile phone unlocking.

With the sim free option this is not the case, you basically just buy the phone of your choice, of which we compare the prices above for you, then pop in your own sim card.

Why would someone buy an unlocked phone?

In some ways this can be a cheaper option, that getting the top smart phone for free and then paying a large monthly amount on your tariff. An initial upfront cost of the handset then a much lower sim only deal put together can create a package that can save you plenty over the course of the normal 24 month period.

As well as cost saving there is also the branding element, many get annoyed at turning their new handset on and every time loading up with the networks images and software, obviously with a brand new sim free phone this is not the case.

People are always thinking about saving so also when you want to change or upgrade to the latest model again, generally a sim free mobile has a higher resell value than one that is locked. As writing this and going the the recycling companies, more is currently offered for this option than any network locked, and that is great for that extra bi of cash towards your shiny new smartphone.

What does SIM free mobile phones mean?

Well essentially a handset which comes without a SIM card or monthly contract. Smartphones are often popular amongst users who want to upgrade to the latest model without having to commit to a sometimes costly monthly phone agreements. Many with poor credit histories pay upfront for their handset, as they ahve been refused in the past, not knowing that there are options of contract phones for bad credit with no upfront fees.

How does it work?

You will still need a SIM card to make it work. When it comes to selecting one, there are a few options.

First, you could opt for a tariff, which offers a package of text, calls and megabytes of data to suit your needs. Because these deal don’t come with a handset, these contracts are often cheaper than traditional phone contracts.

Secondly you could keep your existing tariff plan and slot in your already owned sim card. This is a popular choice for users who want to upgrade their handset mid-way through their current agreement.

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