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History of Orange

The Orange network was formed in 1993 and incorporates a selection of markets that include the Orange mobile phone network, a selection of self-branded phones as well as being an internet service provider. Today over 17-million customers are connected to the Orange mobile phone network and broadband services.  
The history of the Orange network is coloured and in 1996 Orange became the youngest company to be floated on the London Stock Exchange in the FTSE 100. Valued at £2.4-billion the company’s success continued and by 1997 Orange broke the 1-million customer landmark. France Telecom purchased Orange in 2000 and the entire range of telecommunications was re-branded under the name of Orange.       

By the end of 2009 Deutsche Telekom (the parent company of T-Mobile) and France Telecom announced their intentions to merge and the UK companies became Everything Everywhere. The Everything Everywhere brand is now the largest UK network with a 37% share but the Orange and T-Mobile brands will still be used individually on the high street for the foreseeable future.    

What does Orange give you?

The Orange network provides both pay as you go and contract options along with a wide variety of phones and smartphones. Data services are also provided via a smartphone or USB dongle if you are connecting a laptop with access through GPRS or the 3G technologies
There are also a series of unique selling points that Orange UK offers. These includes Magic Numbers where users can add an Orange mobile number every 6-months with this number becoming completely free to call.
The Orange network also offers 4 main contract tariff structures and these include the Canary tariff that offers a generous allowance of calls and free texts. The Dolphin tariffs offer unlimited texts and free internet whilst the Panther Tariffs again feature unlimited texts and free internet along with Panther Swapables (media services), of which 2 of these are free. Finally the Racoon tariffs offer unlimited landline calls.  
The smartphone offerings on Orange UK really help enhance the users experience and these Swapable additions include Mobile TV from Orange, Deezer Music Streaming, Sky Sports, The Times, Daily Puzzler and the Navigon Sat Nav. Further Swapables include the Book Club, 247 Sport, Go Commute, Orange Games and Russell Grant Astrology.