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Network Information on O2

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The O2 network has been a leader and innovator on many different levels that encompass not only the network service but also self branded phones and data services. O2 has a reputation in the UK as the leader of non-voice based services covering areas such as SMS text messaging, music, games, video, instant messaging and data services such as 4G, 3G, WLAN, GPRS, HSDPA and broadband.

Today the company in the UK is part of the Telefonica O2 Europe Group, which has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the O2 brand name used across these companies. The EE network is now the largest in the UK after the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, and after this O2 is the second largest network.

O2 History

about O2

In 1985 O2 was created under its original brand name Cellnet. In 2001 the de-merger of British Telecom separated the network division as this was renamed as the O2 network that we know today. O2 flourished and by the end of December incorporated 29,000 employees, 18.4 million UK customers and had over 40 million mobile and fixed line customers across Europe.

Following the de-merger from British Telecom, O2 set out on a massive advertising campaign to ensure the network was recognised as a household brand. This advertising campaign began in the spring of 2002 and cost £130 million, demonstrating the commitment to becoming a major network provider.

The financial service O2 Money was created in 2009 and this has played an important role in the O2 network moving financial service into the smartphone market. Having been trialling services for smartphones since 2007 and this has allowed them to support NFC (Near Field Communications) as large retailers take the wireless payment system online.

UK Signal Coverage for the O2 network and 4G

o2 signal in your area

O2 has had several noticeable firsts in the UK and these include launching GPRS in 2002, which was used by phones to connect to the mobile phone internet in the days before 3G and the upcoming 4G launch. In 2009 it rolled out 4G over six signal masts in Slough, successfully demonstrating this next generation of internet based smartphones. 4G will provided its users and with speeds of up to 150Mbps and later up to 1Gbps as future updates are rolled out across the UK.

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In 2012 the company launched plans to provide free internet access over Wi-Fi in the London area to become Europe's largest Wi-Fi zone with the service available to millions.

What is O2 Refresh?

The new way to connect has arrived with refresh enabling you to pay for your tariff and phone separately but still in one bill, this then also gives you options to upgrade your handset early, ensuring you keep up with the latest technologies.Looking to upgrade your mobile phone on O2? Click here.


If you already have a contract on O2 and you want to keep the same number but maybe get the latest smartphone, then compare the upgrade contract deals, ensuring you are reaching the end of your current agreement. Not looking for a new smartphone with your deal? Then view here for cheap SIM only deals on all networks including O2.

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get priority tickets

There is so much more that is offered when you take out a contract with O2. Priority gives access to tickets even up to 48 hours before live gigs and events go on pre-sale. Just register for priority via the O2 website by using your mobile number.

Business Plans

O2 also do a range of sharer tariffs produced for multiple contract phones for companies. These look to save money from your current network or provider as users share the bundled tariff and there is no wastage compared to inividual plans available.

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Premium and Compact too.

Metal and glass.

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