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EE (or Everything Everywhere) is one of the UK's biggest mobile networks, offering high-speed 4G plans on pay monthly, pay as you go and SIM only plans.

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4G phones are now commonplace in the UK, with most phones now sporting the technology to ensure fast and fluid data usage for customers. EE's focus since 4G's development has been to bring the technology to the masses, beaming its superfast 4G signal to over 90% of the UK. Whether it's the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the iPhone 6s on EE, you're sure to get yourself fast browsing speed with the now BT owned network.

EE Network Information

The EE network is an internet service provider and the largest mobile phone network operator in the UK, with approximately 27 million customers. The network's headquarters are based in London.

T-Mobile and Orange

The EE network is now owned by BT, but was originally created in April 2010, with Orange and T-Mobile merging to create one of the UK's most popular networks.

Since the merger, T-Mobile and Orange have slowly disintegrated, and are now very rare sights. In fact, the only phones which will still feature Orange and T-Mobile networks are those which have been used since before the merger.

The company employees more than 15,000 people, has over 27 million customers and operates through 720 retail stores across the UK.

One of the biggest benefits to customers when EE was formed was the free roaming between the two network signals providing increased coverage across the UK. In April of 2010 the T-Mobile network in Northern Ireland was disconnected meaning that all customers are connected via the Orange network.

Orange and T-Mobile stores have now been fully replaced by EE stores, allowing customers running on the network to get information without having to call up ro go online. EE has also run several campaigns to keep customers on their network, most recently issuing power bars to customers for extra battery. However, the scheme was forced to recall batteries after issues with overheating, instead giving customers £20 EE vouchers for use online. Despite the problems, it still proved a big hit for EE fans.

4G mobile phone contracts on the EE network

the superfast network for mobile

EE's true focus lies in the 4G market, with the UK network offering the largest coverage across the country compared to any other major provider. This makes EE the ideal network if you invest in a higher end device like the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy Note7, as 4G quality is at an all-time high.

Network coverage

UK coverage map

Since 2000 EE has invested over £16 billion in building Britain’s largest mobile phone network and adapting it for high-speed 4G LTE service. EE has a clear goal to provide the best network and customer service in the UK so that customers and business mobile users will choose to trust them with their digital lives.

If for some reason your area doesn't have 4G mobile coverage, your phone will auto connect to the 3G network, if there's no 3G networkl available, you may find yourself with an even more basic signal or no connection at all.

If you want to see an in-depth view on the coverage of your postcode you can visit the official EE website. Through this facility you can magnify your area of usage and see 2G, 3G and 4G availability.

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If your contract is up, you can upgrade to an EE contract from a different provider or if you're currently with the network you can simply pick a new deal with them to grab yourself a new smartphone.

SIM Only plans - without a handset

Offering a great selection of SIM only tariffs, EE even caters for smartphone users who don't actually need a new handset. There are plenty of options available, including unlimited data plans and much more. View all the latest EE sim only and unlimited data plans here.

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