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LG 22” Review

This LG 22” TV is available as a free gift with a range of smartphones connected to the major UK networks. We have highlighted them here, with deals from the UK’s best retailers.

LG 22”

A perfect smaller screen option for your home, this 22” LG TV isn’t the biggest, but it is still a great option for a secondary room. Boasting trusted LG technology, you can’t go wrong with this TV set.

Offering HD resolution, your picture comes through nice and sharp, and without any risk of blur. Being easy to use and set-up, this 22” screen is also incredibly portable, meaning you can switch it from room to room without getting a helper, but can also be fit onto a mount quickly as well. Its noteworthy performance makes it a solid all-rounder which is ideal for the kitchen or for the kid’s room.

About LG TVs

LG creates TVs that incorporate the best elements in TV design and so have a sleek form matched up with clean styling. Patented technologies are married up with innovative features, to create products that are worthy of the focal point in any room.

LG has a long history dating back to 1947, when the South Korean company was founded. Originally working within the chemicals and plastic sectors, LG evolved into a company creating consumer electronics, with its slogan Life’s Good.