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The Archos Tablet puts entertainment in your hands with its compact design and Wi-Fi for getting online to stream TV and browse the web.

Vivid Entertainment

The stunning display delivers vibrant colours and crystal clear graphics so you can enjoy watching video clips in beautiful detail and immerse yourself into detailed gaming worlds. The Archos compact design makes it comfortable to hold in one hand and the built-in sensors can be used with games apps to control game play. The MP3 player and built-in speaker let you enjoy your music out loud and the camera can capture HD video for stunning memories of those special events.

Compact Design

The slim and compact design of the Archos tablet allows you to take the device with you wherever you go so you can enjoy web browsing and social networking on the go. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to connect to your home network or to a hotspot when out and about so you can always get connected to those that matter.

Powerful and solid

The powerful processor allows you to use multiple apps so the Archos tablet can be used to complete work documents and the solid build of this tablet make it durable. The internal memory can be boosted with a microSD card for more space for Android apps, music and more.