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What is a tablet and what is it used for?

Quite a new piece of technology but we just cant seem to do without them. A tablet is inbetween a laptop and a smartphone, bringing easy daily life to a bigger screen.

With many operating systems available, it gives you the choice to either select what you are comfortable with , perhaps you use the same on your smartphone or laptop, or be slightly different and have a piece of tech with a different OS bringsing you an array of new apps and features available.

Wit top manufacturers now in the tablet world with Apple and Samsung producing their own versions in the likes of the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, the very best technology is right at your finger tips.

Tablet Information

What better to accompany a brand new smartphone than a free tablet? If you pick up a top notch mobile phone, a larger screened tablet will be an ideal addition to help handle work or to watch your media on. Often featuring apps similar to those on your smartphone, a tablet is the perfect piece of kit if you need to handle something that’s just too taxing for a mobile phone.

Normally with an operating system built-in like iOS (on iPads) or Android, tablets can vary in price and performance on a massive scale.

Top of the range devices like iPads can be extremely pricey, whilst cheaper options like the Tesco Hudl can be remarkably cheap. Instead of charging you though, we offer many tablets for absolutely nothing when you take out a mobile phone contract with us! So if you’re in need of a big brother for your phone, why not grab one of these great deals?