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The Jabra Sport Pulse earphones are made for workouts and will help you keep track of your fitness goals using an in ear heart rate monitor and the Jabra app.

In Ear Heart Rate Monitor

Keeping track of your heart rate will help you see how effectively you are working out and these earphones use the latest technology to monitor your heart rate from your inner ear. Simply pop the ear buds in and away you go, these are the only ear buds proven to deliver clinical-grade accuracy so you can ensure your best performance.

Tough Workout partner

These Sport Pulse ear buds will stay in no matter what you are doing and asthey are built to US military standards for rain, shock and dust you can push yourself hard. The ear buds fit snugly into your ear so even your most intense workout won't shake them out so go harder and these will stick with you.

Super Sound

The Jabra Pulse Sport ear buds use Dolby sound to immerse you into your music so you can enjoy working out to your favourite tracks and you can control playback with touch controls as well as answer calls with a tap on the ear buds.

Jabra Sport Life App

The Sport Pulse ear buds work with the Jabra Sport Life App so you can monitor the effectiveness of your workouts and see your progress on your fitness journey. The in-ear coaching will keep you working at your most effective heart rate and encourage you through your workout.