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Fitbit Flex Fitness Band black

Free Fitbit Flex Fitness Band black with mobile phone deals

Get the Fitbit Flex Fitness Band black thrown in free as part of the package; just choose the mobile and network tariff to get the cheapest pay monthly price comparison from top retailers in the UK.

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Fitbit Flex Review

The Fitbit Flex is the wearable that makes fitness fashionable and is one of the most popular free gifts to choose with a mobile phone deal.

Fitbit Flex Features

The Fitbit Flex monitors activity such as steps, distance traveled, active minutes and calories burned, all day long, yet this wearable is slim and stylish in design. LEDs light up to give a visual representation of your day and these work like a scoreboard with LEDs lighting up for each 20% completion of step, calorie or distance goals.

The Fitbit Flex also automatically tracks the duration and quality of sleep with a silent vibrating alarm giving a peaceful wake-up call. You can style it up even further with bright accessory bands, simply pop out the slim water resistant Flex tracker, which incidentally has a 5 day battery.

Fitbit Wireless Syncing App

The Fitbit Flex is the perfect free gift with a mobile phone as it can sync your daily stats with over 150 leading smartphones, as well as with a computer. Easy-to-read charts and graphs keep you motivated towards your goals and a seamless app experience allows you to analyze your trends.

The smartphone app allows you to share stats and invite friends, send cheers and taunts or compete on a leaderboard. The app further allows you to log food, create meal shortcuts, use a calorie estimator, record workouts and view a monthly exercise calendar. The Fitbit Flex free gift can also be used with MobileRun to track running stats and map routes.