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Binatone Brick Information

The Binatone Brick brings back the golden age of mobile phones with a retro 80's look. This fun handset can be used as a Bluetooth accessory to your existing smartphone or as a handset in its own right. The Brick is bulky and comfy and designed to turn heads wherever you use it.

It's the perfect accessory for an 80's theme night or party or simply to stand out among your friends everyday smartphones. The handset can be linked to your smartphone so you can browse contacts and make calls. The 1.8-inch colour screen allows you to scroll through contacts or to play the Snake game that is on board. You can either use your SIM card directly in the Brick or connection smartphone to it via Bluetooth.

The loudspeaker on board is perfect for playing music and the SD card allows you to expand the memory to hold even more of your favourite tracks on board. Get into the 80's vibe of big and bold mobile phones with the Brick, and it's yours free with these mobile phone packages.