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Binatone Brick with Groovez headphones

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Binatone Brick with Groovez Headphones

This vintage styled 2-in-1 Brick Binatone phone can be used as a Bluetooth accessory to your existing smartphone or as a standalone device. The phone is designed in the retro look of the 80's and this phone has a long battery life of up to one month of standby time.

You can pair the phone with your smartphone and access your contacts and music or use the phone itself as a nod to simple mobile times. The phone can hold up to 300 contacts and includes 5 ringtones. There is a built-in speaker so you can use it handsfree or link it to your smartphone to play your music out loud. This bundle also includes Groovez headphones to enjoy your music in fantastic quality.

The around the ear cuffs will cushion your ears and envelop you in rich sound. This gift bundle gives you not only the retro Binatone Brick but the Groovez headphones too for a great all round package.