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Beats urBeats in ear headphones

Free Beats urBeats in ear headphones with mobile phone deals

Get the Beats urBeats in ear headphones thrown in free as part of the package; just choose the mobile and network tariff to get the cheapest pay monthly price comparison from top retailers in the UK.

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UrBeats in-ear Headphone Review

Beats UrBeats in-ear headphones are a high-quality product and with smartphone compatibility they make a logical free gift choice, when choosing a new mobile phone deal.

UrBeats Features

These UrBeats earphones have been carefully designed to ensure that they recreate the deepest bass, clearest mid-range and soaring musical highs. The precision-machined solid metal housing enhances the undisturbed listening experience by eliminating vibrations and unwelcome exterior sounds.

Touted as grid-iron tough, the UrBeats earphones won’t fray or break anytime soon, even if they are thrown in and out of bag. The ultra-flexible cable is designed to remain tangle-free and these earphones are supplied with their own storage pouch.

Supplied with four pairs of multi-sized ear tips for a comfortable fit, these UrBeats are at the forefront of earphone design and weigh less than two grams. For extra practicability, the UrBeats have a long 1.2 metre cable.

UrBeats Smartphone Compatibility

It is possible to answer mobile phone calls with the built-in mic and control your music with the RemoteTalk cable, which is compatible with iOS devices. Functionality with other devices may vary but the design incorporates a 3.5mm audio jack, which is found on nearly all mobile phones and smartphones.